When will Venice disappear? What about the other cities?


When will Venice disappear? When is Amsterdam going to disappear? Which cities are at risk from rising waters?

You’ll find out with this article.


Rising waters are a reality that is gradually becoming more and more important and will drastically change our daily lives. Of course, neither tomorrow nor after tomorrow, but more and more studies show that in the next 100 years we could experience profound and irreversible changes.


Which cities will disappear first

The graph below published in the excellent website informationisbeautiful shows us this. This is a study carried out in 2014, thanks to data made available by several renowned institutions. Detailed sources are quoted under the graph.

Unfortunately the first woman elected to disappear is the splendid Venice!


When will Venice disappear?

On the left, you can see how many years it will take to see a rise in water corresponding to one meter. Therefore, if we continue with this pace, it is legitimate to believe that around the 2100s Venice will be completely covered with water. To follow just behind Venice we find Amsterdam and Hamburg as well as other splendid cities. 

When will Venice disappear?


I invite you to look at the few photos below that show us the treasures of Venice.


Photos of Venice


When will Venice disappear?



When will Venice disappear?

When will Venice disappear?



When will Venice disappear?



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