What to do in Locmariaquer


What to do in Locmariaquer? Locmariaquer is a lovely little coastal town located in Brittany. 

It's a place I know quite well, as I go there several times a year.

I'm definitely in love with it.

It is the perfect destination for your eco-responsible holidays in connection with nature.

In this article I bring you with me in a day of discovery of the town.


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What to do in Locmariaquer


Loc is a small town that comes alive in the summer and rests in the winter.

It is part of the beautiful Gulf of Morbihan (you can also read my article on the must-see places to visit in the Gulf).


It is!

Your walk from Loc begins with the port.


What to do in Locmariaquer

Take the pontoon and move forward without hurrying between white sails and small colorful boats.  


When you get to the bottom, theGulf is in front of you; Proud and inscrutable.

You can open your gaze to the right or left, the view is clear and the horizon a single line placed on the sea.

A feeling of joy and wonder takes hold of you. And everything becomes possible.

Then return with your feet on the ground and discover the coast by taking the small path that starts next to the bakery.

The ride is filled with magic and peace. On the right each house tells a story made of details, sea and silence.  


what to do in Locmariaquer

Push your walk to the Pointe de Kerpenhir where time is elsewhere and there is more than you and the sea.


Close your eyes and breatheto the rhythm of the waves.


You can also discover the story of my day in the city of Saint-Brieuc


It is now time to discover the beach of Toul.Keun.


The clear water invites you to swim, the fine sand invites you to relax and reflect.

The beach of Toul.Keun is very popular with families for its safe swimming and crystal clear water.

It is also a great place to practice water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing or sailing.

From the beach you can observe the red mansion that rests in the islet just opposite surrounded by magic and mystery. 


Continue your walk to arrive at the site of the megaliths of Locmariaquer, where you can visit the impressive Table des Marchands.

A dolmen dating from around 4000 BC. Among the largest in Brittany.


It's time to awaken your taste buds and discover a site of striking beauty: 'Les oytres d'Evaristes'.


Enjoy fresh oysters, stuffed clams, a glass of fresh white wine with salted butter.


On the terrace facing the Gulf or inside next to a stove fire.

The place is peaceful and the food delicious. 


What to do in Locmariaquer



After your break, it's time to finish the loop and return to the old town. 

Take the path along the coast, wild but welcoming, towards the Bourg.

Then follow the black bell tower and push the doors of the church of Saint Pierre which dates from the 11th century.

Saint Peter is the patron saint of fishermen.

The interior of the church houses several remarkable elements, such as frescoes of the sixteenth century, a wooden statue of St. Peter, as well as a magnificent stone altarpiece dating from the seventeenth century.


The shops of the city center invite you to discover their treasures.

You may be tempted by the purchase of a book telling sea stories or by a Breton sailor.

And if the time is right, the Barker is the perfect place to taste a craft beer brewed in the area and chat with a local if you feel like it. 


Places to stay in Locmariquer


Hotel La Voile (here to book)

Small hotel with restaurant in the city center and a few steps from the port.

The price per night is below the rates in the area. It is a good compromise for those who wish to forget their car and live immersed in the life of this small village full of charm.








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