Au pair testimonial: my work experience as a girl Au Pair


In this article, I tell you about my testimony as a daughter Au Pair in Paris.

I also give you my 3 reasons to go to work as an au pair.


Why I left Italy

It was 2008 and at the end of my studies I started looking for a job in Italy.

Yes it was the year of the fall of the lehman Brothers!

What a joy!

This is the spoils of war of the 9 months after the end of my studies (Training as a specialist educator):

– 200 cVs sent all over Italy

– small short-term jobs of the genre: waitress, host in summer camp, door-to-door sale

– zero signed CDIs, zero signed CDDs, several small signed contracts that don’t even exist in France

– almost no response to CVs sent to work in my field. Namely: in Italy most companies do not even send an automatic response message like “We have received your application BLA BLA BLA….

– two interviews for CDI positions in my field:

  • for the first post I didn’t have enough experience
  • for the second they called me back to see me a second time but I had already gone to France;-)

Morale was quite low, and that’s when I started thinking about going abroad.

To go abroad to live I had to:

– or have enough money to take the time it takes to succeed

– or master the language of the country chosen to start the search for a job easily

I had neither. At the time I didn’t speak a second language well enough to get a job in my field and I didn’t have enough money to take the time to become a balance sheet. Also with the crisis I did not want to put my little money into any project.

So my possibilities were limited.

Why did I decide to work as a girl au Pair?

Most host families accept that the young Au Pair has a very basic level of language. In addition, the family must allow time for the young person to enrol in a language course. Sometimes even families pay for part of the classes.

You are fed and housed and you receive pocket money, between 250 and 450 euros per month depending on the country. This is not a negligible detail

You can choose the period and time of stay (i.e. most families are looking for someone for the whole school year)

Once decided that this solution could suit me I decided the country and started my research.

At first I was open to several destinations but I quickly realized that my goal was one: Paris.

So I advise you to focus right away on one or two destinations and not waste time unnecessarily.


Why Paris?

– Paris was for me as Prince Charming is in Cinderella, my childhood dream. I had visited Paris 3 times and I was a love story!

– I wanted to learn French

-Learning a Latin language was easier for me. 


Why I advise you to work as Au Pair

Working as Au Pair has been a very rewarding experience is essential in my journey.

In you here, the 3 reasons why I recommend this experience.


1) You can achieve your goals at the lowest cost

If your goal is to learn a language

Being a girl (or boy) Au Pair will allow you a total immersion in the language of the country with a small budget. For my part I did not take language courses at school, I just took the full opportunity to speak French: with family, friends, shopkeepers but also books and films.

If your goal is to settle permanently in the country

Once you have reached a good level of the country’s language you can start sending CVs and doing interviews in your area of expertise. You should know that it is very difficult to look for a job from another country. Recruiters do not always look at applications from people who do not live in the country. Also consider always buying flights a/r plus the hotel for each maintenance can quickly cost you a small fortune.

If your goal is to take a sabbatical year

As a girl (or boy) Au Pair you will have quite a bit of time to travel, visit the city or dedicate yourself to other activities. The number of hours worked is set up front and this cannot exceed 35 hours per week.

2) It’s easy to find a host family

You will quickly see that it is quite easy to leave as a young Au Pair. For the boys, it may be a bit more difficult but show the families that you can be a good big brother “protector” and that you like order and make good dishes in the kitchen.


How do I find a family?

I do not want to give you a list of the best sites because in my opinion there is only one reference site:


Initially, I wanted to join an Agency but I finish to totally trust this site.

What for?

– It is effective and simple: you create your profile and you contact the families you are interested in or vice versa

– You don’t pay. Indeed, only one of the two parties has to pay the registration “premium” (which offers essential features) but in the 90% of cases these are the families who pay this sum.

– The sites clearly explain your rights and the right of the host family

– You can be in easy and unrestricted contact with families around the world

– This is the site where you will find the most family and therefore of course the most competition;-)


My tips for going to work as Au Pair

– If you have chosen your host family, ask if you can meet. This will allow you to see if there is a good feeling between you and in case you change your mind

-Define well with the family IN AMONT the terms of the contract: schedules, tasks, days off.

It is true that the goal is to welcome a young foreigner “au pair” but you work for this family that pays you for your services so setting some rules will make life easier on both sides and avoid unpleasant surprises

– Avoid a family that speaks your language. You will tend to make less effort to learn the language of the country

– When you have reached your goals move on. Indeed the condition of young Au Pair is quite comfortable, so I met people who lived 4 years in a family for fear of leaving this easy situation.

Don’t forget your starting goals! 


I hope this reading has been helpful to you.

Don’t hesitate to react in the comments to give your opinion on the article and provide additional information to improve it.



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