Moving to Nantes: guide and practical advice for moving to Nantes


Would you like to move to Nantes?

I left Paris for Nantes and I’ll tell you about it: the positive and negative aspects of Nantes, what to do in and around Nantes, the airport, transport, outings and restaurants to test.


Leaving Paris to live in Nantes

My boyfriend and I left Paris motivated by the desire to find a more balanced living environment than the one we lived in the capital at the time.

We chose Nantes and we did not regret this choice.

I still have a very positive memory of my two years in this city.


Moving to Nantes

Nantes’s pluses

– Nantes is a 30-minute drive from the ocean

– In an hour you can arrive in Brittany: superb region, which I told you about in this article

– It is a very dynamic city in terms of economic, cultural and movida

– You can enjoy lots of green spaces

– Winters are very mild


The – from Nantes

– It rains often. Of course it can also be nice right after (but repleuu after;-) )

– Real estate is quite expensive (and it keeps climbing)

– The city suffers from traffic jams (expect to spend a long time in traffic jams or to favour alternative means of transport)

– the city is the victim of a rather unbearable vandalism. Style you’re going to get your car and the retros have been farted. Or you’re going to get your bike and it’s lying on the floor. I turn to the other experiences we have witnessed.


Public transport in Nantes: the Tan network

In Nantes you will find a good public transport network. However, if you live on the outskirts of Nantes or need to go there for work, the car is often the best solution.


Nantes Airport

In Nantes you have an airport 15 minutes from the city centre, several destinations are available in France and abroad. 

Among the lowcoast airlines departing from Nantes: Transavia, Volotea, Hop


Restaurants Nantes

You can easily find a good restaurant at affordable prices.

Some addresses:

– Restaurant “Le Nez Grillé”: gourmet dishes, a warm atmosphere, excellent value for money

– Restaurant “La cocotte”: delicious but higher price: 42 euros starter – main course – dessert


What to do in Nantes

You’ll find right after my favorites in Nantes.


Discover the splendid village of Trentemoult

At the top of this list is Trentemoult, the small fishing village on the left bank of the Loire.

I advise you to go with the tram to the ferry station stop and then take the navibus that will take you directly to the village. Once you arrive you will find small narrow alleys and pretty colorful houses. At the end of the walk you can drink a glass of handcrafted cider in one of the bars/restaurants on the harbour.

Thirtymoult, Nantes, travel

Strolling along the banks of the Erder

The Erder is one of the rivers that run through the city. You have the opportunity to walk along the water and enjoy beautiful landscapes.

Don’t forget to visit the Japanese garden on the island of Versailles, the entrance is free and the charm assured.

If you have the time and the budget you can also rent a small electric boat on the island of Versailles to stroll on the water at rates, in my opinion, accessible.


Discover the island’s extraordinary Machines

“Living” sculptures accessible to the public. You will be impressed by the Great Elephant and the Musical Ride of the Sea Worlds: spectacular creations with or without children. 
Don’t leave without leaving in this part of the city called the island of Nantes.
You can admire the ongoing urban renewal and enjoy the many leisure activities.  

Moving to Nantes, the island's machines


Go for a drink at the “The Nest” bar at the top of the Tower of Brittany

Explore the city centre and take the time to climb to the top floor of the Tower of Brittany. 

The building is not very pretty in itself but the bar “The Nest” which has been laid out to look like a stork’s nest is just excellent.

In addition, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and have fun looking for the broken eggs of the stork, drawn on the rooftops of the city.


The Castle of the Dukes of Brittany

In the heart of the medieval quarter of Nantes, discover the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, built at the end of the 15th century by Francis II and his daughter Anne of Brittany.

And what else to do in Nantes

You have many other interesting activities to do in Nantes.

I’ll quote a few more:

  • Discover the amazing centre of contemporary culture “Place Unique”, installed in the former premises of the LU biscuit factory
  • Pass through the pommeraye Passage shopping mall built in 1840, and listed as a historic monument
  • Go sit on one of the terraces of the elegant Place Royale
  • In the evening fallen, go and admire “The Rings” a work by Buren – Bouchain


Going out in Nantes

If you want to enjoy the dynamism of Nantes’ nightlife, you can explore the Bouffay district in the historic centre of the city.



Visiting the area around Nantes


Pornic is a pretty little town on the coast, a real nugget.

You can swim if the season allows but also stroll around the Port and eat fried mussels (I recommend the Restaurant on the Port “La Moulerie”).

Pornic is a 30-minute drive from Nantes or a 50-minute train ride.

Pornic, travel, Nantes


This city is a 45-minute drive from Nantes is a real gem. The city (which hosts the famous Helfest festival every year) is crossed by the Sèvre and offers a charming historical centre and a superb landscape. For canoe or kayak enthusiasts, head to the Moulin de Plessard where you can rent your sports equipment (the Mill is a 10-minute walk from the city centre).  


I hope this reading will help you in your plan to move to Nantes.

Don’t hesitate to react in the comments to give your opinion on the article and provide additional information to improve it.



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