Visit London in 2 days: 5 things to visit in London in 2 days


Want to visit London in 2 days? In this article you will find 5 things to visit in London if you only have 2 days. 


5 things to visit in London in 2 days

London is a dynamic and attractive city, a mix of different cultures and styles, colours and architectures.I visited this capital twice and each time I was delighted. So below I present my 5 favorites, unusual and must-see places to discover during your visit. 

Go to Camden Town Market

Camden Town, is a very vibrant area of London. It’s not just a market, it’s an original lifestyle that will make you have a nice day a little pank and a little underground.  

Camden Town, Camden Market, London, London, What to do in London in 2 days
Camden Town by J.Ligero – I.Barrios


In Camden Town, you can:

  • Shopping

  • Eating for cheap

  • Listen to music

  • Meet people from different cultures

Also, check out my article on Camden town (Camden Town: photos and practical tips).


Discover Covent Garden

An unusual and unexpected place awaits you at Neal’s Yard, small alleys of brightly colored charms and a few shops.  

Neal's Yard, London, London, What to do in London in 2 days
Neal’s Yard by Wicker Paradise CC BY 2.0


Walking along the banks of the Thames

Walk slowly and enjoy the London life at hand, finally join the Tower Bridge and cross the bridge, then walk across the Thames.

Bars, restaurants, shops, museums, musicians, you won’t be bored! 


Go to Shoreditch

This unusual area is to be discovered step by step, its graffiti, its small shops and its alleys.

It is also the ideal destination for lovers of vintage shops and thrift stores.


Drinking te in the crypt of St Martin-in-the Fields

St Martin-In-The Fields, London, London, What to do in London in 2 days

By Oxfordian Kissuth (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons]


Have you ever tasted an English te in a crypt??

Here’s your chance! St Martin-in-the Fields offers something to satisfy you. After visiting this church of the time of the Kings George for free, you can relax in the Café in the crypt.


Trafalgar Square

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