What to do in Prague: Prague are the must-sees


Want to know what to do in Prague? Are you looking for the must-sees to discover in this breathtaking capital? In this article you will find Prague’s must-sees as well as all the practical tips for your trip.

Prague is a capital city rich in history, art and culture. Every step in the city is a discovery and a wonder. The multitude of colors is what I will remember the most and what marked me the most.


What to do in Prague: the must-haves and practical advice

How many days to visit Prague?

We stayed there 3 days and I think it’s the minimum to visit it well.

Flight Prague

I travelled with VOLOTEA from Bordeaux.For more low-cost flights, don’t hesitate to check out the sites of TRANSAVIA, EASY JET or HOP which offer departures from Paris and other cities in France.   

I advise you to use the site: Momondo FR to compare flights but also hotels and rental cars. 


Hotels Prague

If you are looking for a hotel in downtown Prague, with great value for money I would recommend:

Hotel Ai quattro angeli

Located 700 metres from Prague’s historic square, it is the ideal area to visit the capital.Breakfast is available for a fee.

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Airbnb Prague

For those who do not know, this site is a platform for booking private accommodation. Offers are multiple and to choose well you can read the reviews left by other customers.

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Currency conversion Prague

The Euro is accepted in the 90% of places, I advise you nevertheless to exchange Euros in local currency, the koruna, because your purchasing power will be a little more important.  


Prague must-see tours

The city centre of this capital is quite extensive and it is divided into several districts to discover. There are many sights to visit in the city, if you want to visit Prague in a weekend a choice is a must. Below, I suggest the must-sees to visit divided by neighborhood.  


The Old City, Charles Bridge, Prague, pictures Prague, P rague, photos Prague
The Old Town

This is the heart of the city, on the right of the Moldovan River.



– Crossing the Charles Bridge

You can start your visit with this beautiful bridge that connects the old town to the Mala Strana district (which I’ll tell you about later). This bridge, built in 1357 by Charles IV, will offer you a sublime view of the Castle. You can admire the multitude of baroque statues that line the bridge and touch them as a lucky charm.  


Prague must-sees
Charles Bridge – Prague by Jorce Royan CC-BY-SA-3.0

The architecture of the district dates back to different eras. The old town square is the heart of the district.

  • Visit the churches of Our Lady of Tyn and St. Nicholas
  • Watch the time change of the astronomical clock at City Hall

You will see the parade of the Twelve Apostles above the dial, the position of the Moon and sun and the astrological signs. The show is admirable until 9 p.m. 

Clock – Old Town – by Mikel Iturbe Urretxa



Castle, Charles Bridge, Prague, pictures Prague, P rague, photos Prague
Castle District

The castle is perched on the hill of Hrad-any.



– The Royal Palace

– The Basilica and The Convent of St. George

– The Golden Lane

– St. Guy’s Cathedral

You can buy a ticket that combines multiple tickets at a fairly reasonable price.  

Book a tour of Prague Castle



Prague’s Jewish community was one of the most important in Europe, which had a turbulent history between periods of persecution and great wealth. At the end of the 19th century, the state of great unsanitary conditions of the Jewish quarter led the city council to destroy almost all of it, the synagogues and the old cemetery escaped this urban rehabilitation.


– Visit the Old New Synagogue

– Visit the Spanish synagogue

– Go to the old Jewish cemetery

– Visit the Jewish Museum

Prague's Jewish quarter
Monument to Franz KAFKA – Jewish quarter of Prague



Mala Strana, Charles Bridge, Prague, pictures Prague, P rague, photos Prague


– Have a drink on a terrace on the banks of the Vltava River

The yellow penguins of the Vltava, Charles Bridge, Prague, pictures Prague, P rague, photos Prague
The yellow penguins of the Vltava

– Go to Malostranské Square and visit St Nicholas Church

– Wander the alleys of the neighborhood and admire the mix of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture

– Visit one of the many puppet shops in the area



This is the new district of the city founded by Charles IV, it was an important urban planning project of the 14th century. The district is organized in main roads and several main squares.



– Spend a few hours around Place Venceslas scene of demonstrations of the 60s and 70s where student Jan Palach set himself on fire to protest against the Soviet invasion

– Stroll down Na Prikope Street, and its Art Nouveau buildings and arrive at Narodni Street and its Renaissance architecture

– Go and admire the dance house also called Fred and Ginger’s house, a dreamlike and curious building

The dancing house, Prague, pictures Prague, P rague, photos Prague


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