Italian dinner party menu plan

If you want to prepare an Italian dinner party menu plan, I recommend two easy-to-prepare recipes for your guests:

“Carbonara with zucchini” and “Tiramisu.”


Carbonara with zucchini

Ingredients for 4:

– 4 eggs

– 200 grams of Guanciale or Lardons (I know that Guanciale can be hard to find in France)

– 2 Courgettes (average)

– 320 grams of Pasta (spaghetti or penne)

– 2 Garlic cloves

– Olive oil

– Parmesan at will;-)

– Salt, pepper and parsley


We’re going:

– Cut zucchini with very thin slices

– In a large hair fry the garlic in olive oil

– Add zucchini and cover

– Cook zucchini over medium heat (about 20 minutes to cook well). Putting them aside

– Put the water for the pasta on the fire

– In the hair we have just used to cook the “Guanciale” without oil (let the fat become transparent)

– When the water boils put the salt and pasta

– Break and beat the eggs in a bowl, add the Parmesan (5 tablespoons is good) and pepper

– When the pasta is ready to drain leaving a little hot water (to prevent it from sticking), put the pasta, zucchini, eggs and Guanciale in a large hair and sauté over high heat 30 seconds (be careful: it is necessary to sauté to allow the sauce to marry well with pasta but the egg should not cook).

That’s it!

Serve with a pinch of parsley and a little grated Parmesan (yes still Parmesan!!

Italian cuisine: Carbonara e zucchine
Carbonara e zucchine: photo by Claudia Borralho



– 3 eggs

– 250 grams of mascarpone

– 2 cane sugar soup pickers

– 1 spoonful of cocoa

– coffee 1 mocha 2/3 people

– 15 spoon cookies (Brossard)


Here we go:

– Prepare coffee

– Turn the whites into snow

– Mix the yolks, mascarpone and sugar with a wooden spoon

– Combine the egg whites (very gently) with the mixture

– Pour the coffee into a hollow plate

– In a gratin dish (medium size): start with a layer of mascarpone, then a layer of coffee biscuits (be careful to quickly deceive the flat side of the cookies in the coffee otherwise the Tiramisu will be too liquid), then layer of mascarpone, layer biscuits and mascarpone to finish, so two layers of biscuits and three of mascarpone 🙂

– Finish by sprinkling (slightly) of cocoa Tiramisu

– Leave in the fridge for at least 4 hours but ideally all night


Easy tiramisu recipe, Italian cuisine

Enjoy your meal


I hope this reading has been helpful to you.

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