Rome in 3 days: the must-see places in Rome

What to do in Rome in 3 days? In this article the must-see places to visit in Rome.

Rome in 3 days

The holiday in Rome is an unforgettable moment and an inevitable favorite!

This city is a real open-air museum but not only… there is the atmosphere, the typical dishes, the people and their accent… 

I present a list of places not to be missed, if you have only 3 days to discover Rome.  

Day 1 – Route

Rome itinerary
Route J 1 Rome

The Capitol – Il Campidoglio

One of the 7 hills of Rome. It was first the center of religious life to become in 1400 the center of political life. As you climb the stairs you reach the heart of this beautiful Place designed by Michelangelo.Right next door not to miss the visit to the Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli. Below the Capitol you can admire The Piazza Venezia dominated by the monument to Victor-Emmauel II. 

Imperial Forums – I Fori Imperiali

A nice view of the forums opens up to you from the balcony behind the Place du Campidoglio. Walking down the stairs you can admire the forums from another beautiful view. Admission to the forums is paid, we were satisfied with a view from the outside, just as satisfactory. In front of you opens Venice Square

Imperial Forums - Rome
Imperial Forums – Rome

The Colosseum – Il Colosseo


A ten-minute walk from the forums you will find the Colosseum. This impressive work was a Roman amphitheatre. It is up to you to see if you want to visit the interior, if this is the case consider buying your ticket on the internet before your arrival to avoid the queue. Personally we decided to admire the work from the outside, there is so much to see!!

The Colosseum - Rome
The Colosseum – Rome


Don’t miss the Arch of Constantine, the Roman triumphal arch that stands right behind the Colosseum. You still have some energy??? Come on, another 10 minutes of walking…

Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica

It is the oldest Roman church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. An imposing exterior is a sublime interior.

St. Mary Major Basilica in Rome
Basilica Sainte-Marie-Majeure by Enrico CC-BY-2.0

Trastevere district

It is one of the working-class areas of Rome, ideal for dinner or a drink. The charming little alleys, the bright colors, the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trestevere, the restaurants and pizzeria “alla Romana” will plunge you suddenly into Roman life. Below is a pizzeria not to be missed (speech the Italian) – Pizzeria Dar Poeta (Vicolo del Bologna 45, 00153 Rome, Italy – 06-58.80.516 You will have to show up at the pizzeria and put yourself on the waiting list, but no worries, a little walk in the neighborhood and a drink in one of the many terraces will make your expectation very pleasant.  

Hotel Colosseum area

Buonarroti Guest House (to reseerver click on the name of the hotel)

Welcome, clean, beautiful view, comfortable rooms, nearby trade and a 10 minute walk from the Colosseum! 

Prices vary depending on the period, very interesting promotions are offered at certain times of the year: from 50/60 Euros a night to 80/90 Euros for a double room


Day 2 – Route

Route Rome - J2
Route Rome – J2


Pantheon Rome
Pantheon Rome by Jakob Alt CC-BY-2.0

Originally was a temple dedicated to all deities and then converted into a Christian church. To visit without hesitation, moreover the entrance to this spectacular monument is free!  

Piazza Navone – Navone Square

Navone Square
Place Navone – Neptune Fountain -Luigi Guarino by Flickr

Just a few metres walk from the Pantheon you can admire this sublime square. Built on the site of the former Roman stadium in Domitian, Pope Innocent X commissioned its renovation in 1650. The square is decorated with 3 three fountains, it was the Bernini that built the Fountain of the Four Rivers to represent the continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Oceania not yet discovered. The square is very hectic, but you can get away a little and discover the charming streets with its old cafes like the “Caffé della Pace”. Don’t miss the visit of the church of Saint Louis of the French with the works of Caravaggio. You’ll probably get a little tired, so a relaxing break on the terrace is a must!!!

Campo dei Fiori

The perfect place for your lunch break. You can sit on the terrace and take a tour of the market. Take your time and immerse yourself in Roman life…  


The Jewish Ghetto

From Arenula Street you will enter the oldest ghetto in the world, after the one in Venice.

Don’t miss the synagogue near the Tiber and the “Fontaine des Tortues”. This work located Piazza Mattei was designed by Giacomo della Porta in 1582.The Bernini would have added the turtles in 1658. 

Fountain of the turtles Rome
Turtle Fountain

Isola Tiberina – Tiberin Island

The island located in the heart of the city between the arms of the Tiber is a very ancient place of worship dedicated to the god of medicine Esculape. In 1582, the Spanish built a hospital there. The video below shows us some images of the island with the atypical “broken bridge”.




Take the time to choose a good “Trattoria” for the evening, eat typical dishes and rest, a third day awaits you. 

Day 3

Il Vaticano – The Vatican

The Vatican, a state in the state is an unforgettable and absolutely sublime place.

Take the time, the visit of this little gem can last for hours. 

The visit to Saint Peter is free, admission to the museums and the Sistine Chapel are paid. 

I strongly advise you to book your ticket cut file before your visit to the official website, or you will have to wait hours before returning to visit the Vatican. The extra is 4 Euros but it’s worth it!  

Inside the basilica, you can visit the tomb of St. Peter and the crypt where many popes rest. 

The pope’s blessing takes place every Sunday at noon. 


By Jorge Valenzuela A (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Common


St. Peter's Square, Vatican
By Jean-Pol GRANDMONT (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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