Crete 1 week itinerary – Top things to do in Crete


Are you looking for Crete 1 week itinerary ? Where to stay in Crete ? Where to rent a car?

In this article top things to do in crete and the essential tips to organize your trip.


Why go on holiday to Crete? 

  • You can really have fun without spending a fortune
  • Sea and sun (of course)
  • Irresistible and cheap food: fresh fish, Cretan salad, Raki, fresh fruit. What happiness!
  • Very welcoming people

Which airline to choose to go to Crete?

We travelled with TRANSAVIA which offers direct flights from Nantes to Crete at competitive rates.

I advise you to use a flight comparator to find the best fares. 

Car rental in Crete at AUTOWAY

Renting a car will make it easier to get around the island.

After several searches on the web we rented a car from AUTOWAY. I highly recommend this agency.

Prices are a little more expensive than other rental agencies in Crete but:

  • you will benefit from all-risk insurance
  • you won’t have to pay a deductible in the event of an accident
  • no state of the premises at departure and arrival, no surcharge for the second driver and for the child seats
  • no bail requested

We paid 220 Euros for a 7-day rental of a city car with air conditioning.

You can pay in cash on arrival or in a blue card before arriving on the island.

Where to stay in Crete?

The best thing about Crete is to rent a room from the locals!

In addition, if you are planning to explore the island at length, I advise you to change accommodation as you move to the island to visit a new corner. 

That’s how we did it: we booked the first two nights in Canaa and for the rest it was an adventure trip.We wanted to keep the freedom to move or stay in a place according to the desire of the moment. 

A word of advice: if you are going to Crete in July or August, and you want to stay in very touristy towns like Canaée or Rethymnon, I advise you to book your accommodation a few weeks in advance. Indeed, you may have some difficulty finding rooms available at the best prices.  

Crete 1 week itineraryAccommodation with @alessandracaretto


On the west side or on the east side of the island?

This is, in my view, the big question to ask before you leave.

If you leave for two weeks, you will have time to visit both sides, but, if you only have one week visit crete then you will have to make a choice. I advise you to take the time to look at the reviews of travelers on the internet. 

After spending hours on travel forums and blogs and talking with friends who have traveled to the island we chose to visit only the western part during the 7 days of our trip to Crete. 


Crete 1 week itinerary
Map Crete via Wikimedia Commons

Crete 1 week itinerary: Top things to do in crete

Here are the details of our road trip in Crete with the must-sees.


Chania or Hania ♥♥♥

What to do in Hania?

  • Visit the old town and the Venetian port ♥♥, get lost in the small alleys of the centre and be tempted by the multitude of small shops in intense colors
  • Land on one of the harbour terraces to eat fresh fish or have a drink
  • Visiting the surroundings of Hania: go to Marathi beach ♥♥ and the village of Malaxa

Where to stay in Chania? 

We book a room at the home: SMARAGDI (click here to book)

Theotokopoulou 19, Platanias Chania

The owner is very welcoming and will give you lots of good advice.The rooms are clean and welcoming and are located right in the city centre!We had booked well in advance and paid 25 Euros a night. 

Restaurants in Chania


Portou 54 – Old Venetian Harbor, Chania

Our first restaurant in Crete, in a very nice setting, we had lunch in a charming indoor terrace, good quality food.

Small problem: the noise. The cicada eat and sing with you;-)

Canaa, Hania, What to do in Crete in a week, to see in Crete
View of the port of Canaa

Gramvousa Peninsula – Balos lagoon ♥♥♥

A Beautiful Day!

The lagoon is sublime especially from above, you have to expect a nice 30 minute walk under the sun, to get there but the view is worth it.

Warning: to reach the lagoon of Balos you must plan a good half hour of car on a road not paved and therefore not quite suitable for city cars. In addition, most car rental agencies will not insures you in the event of an accident/incident/damage on this road. So? Most tourists go there anyway! What to see;-)

Lagoon of Balos, Crete 1 week itinerary
Balaos Lagoon: Gramvousa


I read on the net, reviews a little this lagoon. It’s true that tourists are not lacking and you can come across pebbles of Oil along the beach, but in my opinion it’s definitely worth going there!
I tested for you: Restaurant Kalivani: Gramboussa Kissamou, Kaliviani, Kissamos, ♥♥

A must do after the ride! The Gramboussa restaurant is located in the small village Kalivani just before starting the road to the lagoon. What to say?A superb atmosphere, a sublime view and generous cuisine with fruit and raki at will.  


Raki Crete, What to do in Crete, to see in Crete


Village de Sfinari

Sfinari is a small village with a pebble beach. We stopped as the road to the next destination was still long and this village was advised by the backpacker’s guide but we a little “regretted” having stayed there one night.

ELAFONISSI lagoon ♥♥

This lagoon with clear waters and pink sand is very beautiful. The sea is not very deep and tourists are numerous but it is a blow to spend 3-4 hours there. Don’t hesitate to go there before 10am or after 5pm to enjoy the calm before the tourists arrive. My review: 4/5

Elafonisi Crete
Elafonisi @Manuel Rheinschmidt

Port of Paleochora ♥♥♥

This pretty little town offers a truly magical atmosphere. Tourists are not lacking but there are surely less than elsewhere, the calm and the view of the Port will conquer you.

Rooms at home:

Kampos rooms (you can book here)

Room with fridge. Parking for cars.50 meters from the sandy beach and all shops and taverns. Free Wi-Fi.

I tested for you: Restaurant Mathexis Taverna ♥♥

This charming place facing the sea is far from other restaurants but accessible by a small road next to the harbour. We had a lovely evening there: fresh fish, a beautiful view of the sea and a warm welcome! Don’t miss the grilled sardines, the fish of the day and the Greek salad.

Port of Sougia ♥

This small port is nice to spend the day there if you have time, if not go elsewhere, there are so many things to do and see on the island!

Loutro port ♥♥♥

To do without hesitation!

This small port can only be reached by boat (but expect to see a lot of tourists anyway). The water is crystal clear and the village with its white houses is sublime! I advise you not to spend the night because the prices are quite expensive and after 3 hours in the village I think we did the rounds well!



The third city of Crete, a real gem.

What to do in Rethymnon

  • stroll through the old town, admire the beautiful Venetian and Turkish houses
  • spend an afternoon in Georgiopolis to see the chapel on the water
  • visit Lake Kournas

Small tip, we had a hard time finding a room available and the prices are more expensive than elsewhere: think about booking before.


Rethymnon Crete

Rethymnon @Bridney Ramphal


To conclude:

– If you have the opportunity go out of season: September-October or April-May

– Share Cretan or Greek salads together (they are always very plentiful)

– If you are looking for other destinations in this beautiful country I suggest you read two more articles:

Good trip!!  

I hope that this reading has been useful to you and that you now know what to do in Crete in 7 days of vacation.

Don’t hesitate to react in the comments to give your opinion on the article and provide additional information to improve it.


You can also discover the other sections of the site, in which I write articles on topics that I am deeply passionate about: education, well-being, environment.


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