Visit Turenne in Corrèze: practical tips


In this article you will find the practical tips for visiting the village of Turenne in Corrèze, classified among the “most beautiful villages in France”: history, things to see, the restaurant to test in this village. 


Visit Turenne

Turenne is a small village perched on a mound, which I have visited several times.

First of all, it must be said that the village was the capital of a Viscounty who enjoyed in the 18th century an important power and complete autonomy with regard to the crown. His visit is a must when visiting Corrèze.


Visit Turenne, Corrèze, Turenne Corrèze
Turenne By The original uploader was Franzwa, via Wikimedia Commons


To start, arriving in Turenne you will have to park your car in the parking lot at the bottom of the village.

You can then walk through its small medieval alleys, look at its many 15th century houses and walk step by step to Turenne Castle.

At the top of the village you can enjoy a remarkable view of the area.  


Visit Turenne, Turenne Corrèze
Turenne Street By Babsy [CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


You have two paths to go up to the castle, so I advise you to choose the road that goes gently up to the right and pass in front of the 15th century church.

Once at the top, you can go down the other steeper path that crosses the village!


Turenne Correze


Visit Turenne Castle

It should be noted that climbing to the castle requires a fairly sporty walk but the view from above deserves fatigue!
At the castle you can climb to the top of the 13th century Caesar Tower, stroll through the garden and visit the guard room.
Tel 05 55 85 90 66 - 06 81 59 97 78
Small bonus for the more daring:
Take part in costumed guided tours and torchlight tours offered by the Tourist Board


Restaurant in Turenne

The Capuchins: Place de la Halle, 19500 Turenne

Friendly welcome and hearty dishes, booking is recommended in season


For a glimpse of the village, watch this beautiful video from the show “Roots and Wings: The Taste of Limousin”

What to visit around Turenne

  • Village Collonges la rouge: a must-see, this red-stone village is a must in Corrèze. Read the article: Collonges la rouge: guide and practical advice
  • Village of Curemonte: a crazy charm for this small village and a breathtaking view.


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