What to do in Malta: travel tips for visiting Malta


Looking what to do in Malta? In this article I give you all the tips for discovering the island of Malta from my trip. What to do, where to go out, what are the best beaches, how to get around and where to stay! 

I discovered Malta in the summer of 2013 when I decided to move to the island of Malta for a month to perfect my English. 

The Maltese archipelago is composed of 7 islands (of which the 3 main ones are Malta, Comino e Gozo) and offers beautiful landscapes and a very rich history. Plus it’s a low cost island!


Accommodation Malta

As for housing in Malta, I had first found a solution in the home: a package all inclusive language courses and accommodation. I had to leave after a week because the atmosphere at home was weird and English classes non-existent. Besides it was a proposal far too enticing to be true.

Finally, I found a room at a very interesting price on a very active group on Facebook.

The page is in Italian but you can try your luck by writing in English!

Facebook: Voglio vivere a Malta

Site: Vivere a Malta

For a room in a flat with two people, I paid 150 euros for 3 weeks. I was in Bugibba, a very nice little town on the coast.

In addition I advise you to look on the Justlanded site, a very useful classifieds site ( in French).


Learning English in Malta

Malta is a good destination to perfect your English as all Maltese speak English.

Be aware, however, that between them speak Maltese and that a good part of the population speaks Italian and French. You will have to resist the temptation to speak in your native language!

To learn English, after my bad experience with the locals, I decided to enroll in a language school.

So I enrolled at the SPRACHCAFFE school in Bugibba. I paid 130 euros for a week and I’m quite satisfied (small working groups and a lot of conversation). On the other hand, you can spend less if you sign up earlier and for several weeks of classes.

The other two weeks I spent in Malta I found an English teacher and I took private lessons for 5 euros an hour.


What to do in Malta: the must-haves

During my trip to Malta I took the opportunity to visit the island: a real delight. The things to see and do in Malta are a lot, I give you the must-haves!



It is the capital of the island (6,600 inhabitants). The city offers typical architecture: narrow alleys, yellow stone houses and colorful wooden balconies.

Travel: Valletta to Malta, What to do in Malta


Don’t miss the co-cathedral of St. John, directed by Girolamo Cassar between 1573 and 1577 by the will of the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Knights traditionally belonged to the chivalry and nobility of the Christian world.In the cathedral you can admire paintings of Caravaggio.

My rating: 4/5



Gozo is the second island of the archipelago by area, the island is easily accessible in 30 minutes by boat.

Don’t miss:

– La Capital Rabat or Città Vittoria, a little jewel to discover on foot

-“The Azur Windows” a natural arch made up of several layers of limestone

Malta Gozo, What to do in Malta

My rating: 4/5


Mdina, also called the Silent City was for me the favorite par excellence!

Malta, View Mdina, What to do in Malta
View Mdina

This small town of 300 inhabitants is located on a fortified town overlooking the island. The city offers an incredible view. I advise you to go there at sunset and so enjoy the magical color schemes.

MDINA, Malta, What to do in Malta
MDINA Street

My rating: 4.5/5


Comino is the third island of the Maltese archipelago, famous for its paradise blue lagoon. Be careful if you really want to enjoy the island I strongly advise you not to go there on weekends and leave as soon as possible! I had no choice and unfortunately I had to do the storytelling with an incredible tourist crowd, there was not even room to lie down with his beach towel! The crossing is not expensive at all: if you go to one of Malta’s many tourist agencies you can buy your excursion to Comino for 10 Euros (all inclusive). During the day: a bus picked me up at 10:00 a.m. down from my house, departing at 10:30 a.m. from the port of Bugibba, a stop next to the caves for diving, arriving in Comino at 11:30 a.m., returning at 5:00 p.m., a bus took visitors back to their residence. Small, great personal advice: buy something to picnic before you leave, the island does not offer a great choice and the prices are quite high!

Malta, Comino, What to do in Malta

My rating: 4/5

Village de Marsaxlokk

Famous for its colorful boat features

Boats from Marsaxlokk, Malta, What to do in Malta
Marsaxlokk’s boats

Go to POPEYE Village

What to do in Malta unusual? Visit the Popeye Village! Built in the ’80s as the setting for the film “Popey” produced by Disney Studios and Paramount Pictures. The spinach-eating sailor was played by the great Robin Williams. There are quite a few tourists who are disappointed by this visit, I found this day quite pleasant. Admission at 10 Euros is a bit high but in the village you can enjoy various activities: cinema, boat tour, trampolines, sun loungers, entertainment, themed shops and a glass of wine. Plus the sea is pretty beautiful!

Popey village, Malta, travel, English, What to do in Malta
Popey village

Eating “the pastizz”

The puff pastry lovers filled with ricotta usually sold in pastizzeiji

Go to Paceville

What to do in Malta at night? Go to Paceville: very popular area for its many bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs


Rent a car in Malta

I did not have the opportunity to rent a car because my budget was limited and I did not want to drive left (because already I am not an arrow to the right..).

Following my experience, I think having a car in Malta can be very useful but be careful because driving is quite sporty (even a lot).

Buses take you everywhere but I often had to deal with major delays. In addition, on Sundays and evenings you will have to pay attention to the schedules because the number of buses can be quite small, see not pass through some villages!


What I liked less in Malta

Pollution. I am quite disappointed by the lack of respect for a natural heritage of such beauty! It was quite recurrent to find waste (beer bottles, plastic bags, cans of coca, etc.) floating at sea or abandoned on rock farms. Incredible!

Jellyfish. There are many and different types. You have to be careful of the signs on the beach that show if the beach is at risk “invasion” and display pictures of the most dangerous jellyfish.

I was hoping for warmer people. The Maltese are not always very pleasant with tourists: I had to do some small scams (not very serious) and people a little sorry when helping a tourist lost or looking for information.

In conclusion, my trip to Malta remains a very beautiful experience, rich in encounter and culturally.

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