Testimony of Gabrielle’s conversion into Midwife


In this article you will find the testimony of Gabrielle’s conversion into Midwife.


Reconversion into Midwife: Gabrielle’s testimony

After brilliant studies, she moved to Paris and landed a job at L’Oréal. She is, as she says, “privileged people.” Despite the purchasing power that her status offers her, she feels useless in her “bubble” and sees her “energy reserve” decline.

So she looks for herself, until the solution is finally clear.

Listen to Gabrielle’s testimony in the video below or read my summary with the key elements of the testimony immediately after the video.

Who am I

My name is Gabrielle I am 33 years old. I went back to midwifery this year after 10 years at L’Oréal.
I grew up in Auvergne in a fairly preserved environment really very close to the countryside. At the age of 19 I went to Grenoble to study at Sciences Po. I graduated in 2009 from Sciences Po Grenoble and Sciences Po Lille I did a double master’s degree with a specialty in communication.
I left my parents to study because I wanted to get out of this cocoon and so my dream was to live in Paris and work in a company. I wanted to make a good living so I could travel and be free. I felt that in order to surpass myself, I would have to face a more difficult environment.


My career at L’Oréal

I returned to L’Oréal in CDI, I was 23 years old I met my spouse at L’Oréal. It was a very nice meeting, we quickly had our daughter.

When I blew but thirty candles I had my two children, I had a husband. My first goals I had fulfilled, I had the standard of living to be free to make beautiful trips on beautiful weekends. I had become someone who was one of the privileged people. Despite everything in my heart I was missing a huge thing that was to be really proud of what I do, to feel that what I do is useful.

At the time I would get up in the morning, read the news about the ecological crisis, and then I would work at L’Oréal where I was entering an environment that seemed to me to be a completely separate bubble.
When I zoomed in on the scale of society I thought to myself “but if tomorrow there is a natural disaster or if tomorrow there is a war, I know nothing useful for people”.

This shift has become more and more painful.


I felt trapped in the life I wanted

In the three years that were my last job at L’Oréal I started to get a little pressure when my children started talking. I was afraid she would ask me “but what’s your job?”. I was terrified because I wasn’t comfortable, in the world she’s going to live in, telling her that I’m doing communication for a big brand shampoo.

When you are not comfortable answering a child is that overall you put your finger on something that is not going at all.

I felt trapped in the life I wanted and had fought to build, it seems to be a problem of the rich. I think I’m in this crisis of meaning that a lot of people are going through, but that’s not why we shouldn’t tackle it.

So for five years I looked at how to keep everything I had done at L’Oréal and put it at the service of a cause that was more important to me.

I met people who were really working on this issue of climate change and social change and every time I imagined myself as a communications director or communications manager, but at Greenpeace it was actually a little more aligned but I had absolutely no click.

I was thinking at the time I’m sure I’m good at something and that’s not what I’m thinking about and I’d like to be shown what it is.


I was in trouble in my pumps.

At the time so I was not totally well in my pumps and to fill this void I was making compulsive purchases. Plus I ate a lot because it was my form of immediate pleasure. I had gained a lot of weight and I hadn’t even seen how much I had grown.

Then nervousness with my children at night, we are all tired at night but in fact they too are tired and in between it was me the adult. It was not normal for me to ask them to take into account my fatigue, it should have been the other way around. My life was not difficult but I was in the wrong place. I thought, “You have to take care of this conversion and what you really want to do”.

During my readings I come across an article by an astrologer blogger and this article really appeals to me.
I feel like you have to consult this astrologer, it looks completely zinzin like that but at the time I think “fucked for fucked..”. I contact this astrologer and explain my problem and she tells me pretty quickly “ecology, the environment are subjects that affect you because you come from there by your family but that is not at all your mission … it’s not written black and white but for me you’re therapists.”

At that moment I laugh because I say to myself “it’s a no-brainer, she’s completely right”.

She even tells me “it’s funny because you really have the perfect theme of a midwife” and at that point I laugh and say “no but anything really”. I’m like, “She’s gone a little too far.” I come out of this consultation thinking “okay to be a therapist.”


Why a midwifery conversion

For months I reflected and revealed and came in December of last year: “If tomorrow is really chaos, what I want to know is to help women give life”. I didn’t realize that for years when people asked me if I didn’t have barriers what I would do, often I would say “birth houses”.

Months later I come back to this astrologer and I say “I’ve thought about what you said to me and I want to be a midwife, but it makes me a nice leg because I can’t do it” and she says “why can’t you do it?” and I say, “I’m not going to go back to four years of school without pay.” and so she says to me “note all the barriers and you take them one by one and you look if there are not solutions quickly enough”.


Concrete solutions

I find out and realize that there is a competition for people who have not done medicine and do not come from a medical background.

I realize at this point that I am eligible and it opens a first door to me converting into a midwife.
The second door was the financial component and it was my main brake because I was afraid of decommissioning.

I understood that this one was not a real problem. I started to write down everything I was spending and saw the extent of the disaster of my compulsive buying.” When I was working at L’Oréal and I got a rotten e-mail, I thought no it’s getting me drunk I’m going to buy. It’s cartoonish but that was exactly it, I bought clothes and cushions and my groom said “stop buying cushions”. After I had another strategy: write down what I wanted to buy and then wait until the next day if I still wanted to. I realized that I actually had a huge financial margin. I had very blond hair before and I completely stopped doing strands I let my hair grow back I found my color.

I came back to some kind of reason.

After that I had six months to get into the competition race on a very selective file.
So I knew in May that I was eligible for oral, at first there were a hundred and he took 10 oral and 4 were selected for schools on the island of France. Last June the door opened.


The joy and fear of my conversion into a Midwife

I tell this with great joy. It feels like a course paved with joy and return to oneself that is great but it necessarily goes with a lot of fear. I went through moments of intense fear when I thought “what am I doing”.

I was absolutely terrified of what I had created.

Now I’m in the second year of midwifery school so for me it’s the first year of study that is the most complicated.
This first semester is extremely complicated, hopefully in 2023 I will be graduating.
I feel in my power and in the right place, when I come home in the evening my energy level is even higher from when I go in the morning whereas before it was the other way around, I came home completely drained.

I had met a midwife at the time when I was wondering if to pass the competition that had told me “midwife is not a profession but a priesthood” and I approach it exactly like that. There is something a little mystical about being a midwife, you are a passer because you are the first person to see a child come into the world.


My first birth

The first birth I attended I was in a state of ecstasy because when it goes well it’s extraordinary.
It’s also a job where you’re at the border between life and death and everything is quite fragile and to be at that door is what interests me.

Women when they talk about the birth of their child even thirty years later remember the contribution of the midwife or the contribution of that person who held their hand at that time.

We have a real role to play and then this sense of usefulness which is huge.


Source: lesdeviations.fr. The site was born from the idea of telling stories of people who have changed their lives.


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