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In this article, you will find the guide to visit Collonges la rouge. What to see in Collonges-la-Rouge? How long does it take to visit Collonges? What to visit around Collonges? In addition, you will find the history, places to visit, restaurants and shops of this village ranked among the “most beautiful villages in France.”


Visit Collonges la rouge

Located 20 km from Brive la Gaillarde, Collonges la rouge is a must-see in Corrèze. It is a pleasure to stroll through the small alleys of Collonges to admire its red houses, stop in one of the characteristic little shops, drink coffee in the bar of the old mill or visit the Church of St. Peter. 


History of Collonges the Red

Collonges la Rouge was founded in the eighth century and expected to be integrated into the Viscounty of Turenne in 844. 

The village, which enjoys a certain autonomy of the crown and the many tax advantages, becomes attractive to the nobles who begin to settle there, thanks to which Collonges gradually develops.

It was with the French Revolution and the loss of tax advantages that the village was gradually abandoned. 



Parking Collonges la Rouge

To start, to discover Collonges la Rouge, you will have to park your car at the gates of the village because the heart of the Collonges is entirely pedestrian.

  • Two paid car parks from mid-March to mid-November from 10 am to 7 pm and from 10 am to 8 pm in July and August. The rate of 3 euros flat rate for 24 hours. 
  • Two free car parks are located at the bottom of the village towards Saillac.
  • A campervan service area in Place du Marchadial. You will find toilets, draining, garbage containers, electricity is not present on the site. Flat rate of 8 euros per night.

In addition, there are three places for people with reduced mobility: at the top of the village (near the old train station), opposite the Town Hall and next to the Wash.



How long it takes to visit Collonges la Rouge

I recommend that you take at least two hours to discover Collonges-la-Rouge. You should also stop there for a lunch break and eat in one of its excellent restaurants. I’ll tell you about it later in this article.


What to do in Collonges la Rouge

Let time flow as you walk through the alleys of this beautiful red sandstone village, which owes its color to the iron oxide present in the stones. 


  • Visit the Church of St. Peter of the twelfth century: after the Wars of Religion, the church was divided in two to celebrate the two cults. The eardrum of the church represents the ascension of Christ. 


  • Visit the Castel de Vassinhac: built-in 1583, Vassinhac were lords of Collonges and governors of the Viscounty. 


  • Discover the thirteenth-century oil mill, in a small alley, perpendicular to Rue Barrière. At the mill shop, you can buy regional products, and relax sitting at the tables drinking one of the craft beers on offer.  


  • Visit the Chapel of the Penitents of the fifteenth century: the former headquarters of the Brotherhood of Black Penitents charged with burying the dead.


  • Visit the House of the Mermaid: built in the sixteenth century. The house houses an exhibition of ancient tools and documents and an ethnographic space. A stone mermaid decorates the façade. The house is open in July and August. Admission is paid. To book you can contact the association “Friends of Collonges”:


  • To admire the oil paintings, watercolor and drawing of René Boutang. The workshop is located in the heart of the village, near the Tourist Office, in René’s birthplace. The artist welcomes adult interns who want to paint with him (place de la Fontaine – 05 55 25 44 54).



Events in Collonges la Rouge

  • 15 August: Painting Festival in Collonges la Rouge

Amateur or experienced artists exhibit for free in the streets of the village of Collonges: Drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures.

Theatre performances in a magical setting at nightfall. Admission is paid: Normal rate: 16, Reduced rate: 12, Child: 8 (up to 15 years).

  • July – August: Night tours

Departure in front of the Tourist Office for a visit to Collonges with torches.


  • December: Christmas in Collonges

Every weekend Collonges celebrates the approach of Christmas: Donkey Ride, Illuminations, Pancakes, Chestnuts and Mulled Wine.



Boutiques Collonges la Rouge

There is no shortage of original shops in Collonges.

So, take the time to discover the multitude of shops in Collonges.

Among my favorites:

  • The knife shop: quality knives at an affordable price (Rue de la Barrier).
  • The Leather Workshop: Making Leather Objects since 1976 (Barrier Street).



visit collonges la rouge 


Restaurants in Collonges

  • The Red Stones
  • Collonges La Rouge – Le Bourg, 05 55 74 19 46

Excellent and hearty dishes from Correzian cuisine, pleasant service and a warm environment for a particularly good value (menus at 15.50 Euros, hearty salads with regional products at 10 Euros, to be tested without hesitation).


  • The Cantou
  • Collonges La Rouge – Le Bourg, 05 55 84 25 15

Our favorite! Excellent restaurant and welcoming staff! Enjoy the omelet with ceps (a specialty of the house) and the frozen soufflé with walnuts. What a joy.


  • Inn of Benges

Benges, 19500 Collonges-la-Rouge, ’33 5 55 85 76 68

Restaurant with elaborate and refined cuisine, higher but affordable priss (30-40 Euros for a menu). A pretty décor and a charming terrace.


Hotels in Collonges la Rouge

In the heart of the village, this hotel occupies a typical house. Room prices range from 68 to 78 Euros for two people. 

Contact details Le Relais St-Jacques:

05 55 25 41 02 – 


Just 1 km from Collonges, the accommodation includes a dining area, a kitchenette equipped, and you can enjoy the steam room and have a drink at the on-site bar. Tell about 70 Euros per double room or 129 Euros for an apartment for five people. A good place to stay to visit Collonges la Rouge.


Collonges Tourist Office – Tel: 05 55 25 47 57

City Hall – Tel: 05 55 25 41 09



visit Collonges la Rouge



Market days in Collonges la Rouge

The nearest market is Meyssac (1.5 km from Collonges), on Tuesdays and Fridays all year round and on Sundays in July and August.

Also don’t lose the Country Farmers Market on Fridays from 5 pm to 8 pm in Saillac, a small village 3km from Collonges. At the farmers’ market in Pays, you can eat local produce on-site in a friendly atmosphere. 

If you are looking for a convenience store, you will have everything you need in Meyssac.


What to visit in Corrèze around Collonges la Rouge

  • Turenne
  • Meyssac (see below)
  • Curemonte (see below)
  • Brive La Gaillarde


Visit Meyssac ♥♥

The village offers a nice walk around its church, to admire its beautiful red sandstone houses and its old thirteenth-century hall.


What to do in Meyssac

  • Make the heritage circuit (you’ll find the map at the OT of Meyssac).
  • Visiting the Christmas market, a must-see.
  • Visit the night markets during the summer.




♥♥♥ Curemonte

Sublime little village to discover in Corrèze, classified among “the most beautiful villages in France.”


Curemonte, visit Curemente
By MOSSOT CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Curemonte, visit Curemonte

By Devisme.alain CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


The magnificent view of the valley and its three castles are worth a visit.

It is interesting to note that the village has hosted several shoots of series and films (“Christmas Orange” in 1996 and “The Ball of The Singles” in 2005 are examples).


The best season to visit the villages of Corrèze?

Each season has its charm to discover Corrèze.

However, in September and April, you will find fewer tourists and almost all shops open. 

I also recommend October because you can enjoy the calm and a special atmosphere: autumn in Corrèze is a real spectacle of nature. After all, the colors are beautiful.

In October (just before the winter closure) the shops make remarkably interesting sales on many regional products!



I hope this reading has been helpful to you.

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