Change starts with yourself – Testimony of Emmanuel Faber, DG Danone


It is often said that “change begins with oneself.

In this article you will find the testimony of Emmanuel Faber, Managing Director at Danone, about the change of self and others. This video is part of Ticket for Change’s MOOC.

It’s 20 hours of free, online classes to discover social innovation, reveal your talents and take action. This will be the subject of a separate article.

I hope you can be inspired by this testimony.


Change starts with yourself – Testimony of Danone’s CEO

I think the tension towards change is fundamentally rooted in what life is.

But it is to be adjusted, to grow, to polish. This tension can indeed find, wounds, fears, conscious or unconscious frustrations in which I tend to want the other to change when it is probably up to myself to make this path.

In the tension towards change that some feel, there is this duality.

If the ability to undertake, to take in the collective, to transform around us, is strong enough, these tensions translate into action.

But this transformational action is being crossed by this unjustness, by this unfulfillment.


Transforming the world around you

I believe that the world can only be transformed if there is truly a work of self-transformation. We need inner growth towards what we are each called to become.

It is a work that serves to ensure that tensions that do not need to be disappeared, transformed, subsided. So that finally what motivates us is no longer the fear of the shadows but the desire for light.

It is a work that can only be done in the acceptance of a step back from the action and a time of interiority. Otherwise we’d miss the truth.


Growing up in global resonance

We are all called to grow in resonance and harmonic with the rest of the universe, with the rest of human beings.

If we do not work our inner instrument to perfect the way his strings and harmonics work together, his power of expression will not be the same.

The more the instrument is tuned, the more harmonic it will be, without the instrumentalist needing to force the gesture.

This dimension is fundamental to the fertility of the transition from personal change to collective change.

Change is not only achieved by my will but rather by my acquiescence.


I am more of a naturally deeply dissatisfied internally and therefore very oriented towards action, change, transformation, conviction. 

I realized that the changes, when I brought them in with this energy, were rarely sustainable or sufficient.


Leaving space for action for others

I sometimes gave the space to colleagues to do an experience I had already gone through. 

Without me, discussions and awareness have often been beyond my expectations.

We’ve done some wonderful things at Danone by moving from a kind of grip on the change of others to a posture of patience and confidence in their abilities.



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