How to live healthy for longer – Dr. Saldmann’s advice


How to live healthy for longer? Dr. Frédéric Saldmann, cardiologist, nutritionist and author of many best-selling books on prevention and health, gives us his tips for living more than 100 years in good health.

The video below offers you the replay of this conference.

The text after the video is a personal synthesis of this exciting intervention.

Good health to all and take care of yourself 🙂


How to live healthy for longer


For starters, have you ever heard of naked mole rats?

The naked mole rat is a small mouse that lives in East Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya.

This little mouse has a characteristic: it lives 30 years in good health, while a mouse usually lives 3 years maximum.


Naked mole rat


It’s like we humans live 600 years in good health.

This mouse, never makes cancer, never equivalent to Alzheimer’s, never cardiovascular disease.

The skin remains intact, sexuality and fertility intact and no signs of aging.

They tried to implant cancerous tumors on her and she rejects them right away.

The arteries remain intact and the brain all yellow.

This naked mole rat holds the key to a healthy longevity. 

Now let’s introduce the concept of telomere

That is, the small sleeve we have at the end of the chromosomes of each of our cells.

How to live healthy for longer


The longer they are, the longer we live, the shorter they are and the faster we die of cancer, Alzheimer’s, and cardiovascular disease.

If I give you a blood test now to find out the length of your telomeres, I would not have your chronological age but your biological age, so how much time you have left to live.

The good news is that if we change our way of life we extend them.


7 Tips for Living Longer and Healthier


1. 30-minute daily physical exercises


Thirty minutes of exercise a day without stopping reduces the risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease by 40%.

In addition, an endorphin discharge is made of pure well-being.

Why 30 minutes of sport without stopping?

Because the first 20 minutes we burn sugar and from 25 minutes we will burn bad fats and we draw the beneficial effects.

So those who walk a little right to left, it’s a small complement to the principle but that’s not where it’s played.

Thirty minutes of sports a day to protect you from a lot of health problems and maintain your muscle potential that gradually decreases with age.


2. Nutrition: eat less

30% less calories is 20% more life.

Today we know that a 7-year-old today ate more sugar than his grandfather during his whole life.

A recent survey showed that half of the French are overweight.

What can be done easily to lose weight?

      • there are natural appetite suppressants: for example two squares of 100% dark chocolate, stimulate the appetite hormone
      • wait 5 minutes in the middle of a dish or before taking another, it stimulates the sense of satiety and we naturally stop eating
      • eating late food: 3 sardines, for example, it stays in the stomach 9 hours, we are not hungry, we do not snack.


3. Fasting

Tests on mice show that just one day a week of fasting is 20% less cancer!

With 12 to 16 hours of youth, drinking water, herbal teas or tea, if there is no contraindication of the treating physician: the complexion is clearer, more toned, less allergies, less asthma, less rheumatism. 

Since the beginning of humanity, we know how to deal with the shortcomings but not the excess.

We can see the young, as a message to reactivate an ancient biological memory.

If you would like to know more, I recommend this excellent intervention by Frédéric Saldmann to RTL: “Fasting is the elixir of youth”


4. Sleep quality

Eight hours of sleep is important. Too much is not good, not good enough either!

Medication doesn’t give you a restful sleep.

To sleep well a simple gesture:

      • Full black: do not leave a small diode in the room because it breaks in quality and amount of sleep.


5. Stimulating the brain

In three weeks of vacation, you lose 20 points of intellectual quotient.

If you want your brain to be constantly stimulated do things for it.

Brain stimulating
Brain stimulating

If we get an MRI today and then for 3 months we will learn to juggle… After these 3 months if we re-elect an MRI, a new area of the brain will have formed.

      • Learn foreign languages
      • Visit new countries
      • Break habits

Your brain, learning things you’ve never done will be more and more efficient and when you have a brain that works well, you’re much happier


5. Take care of your sexuality

12 sex per month increases healthy life expectancy for both men and women by 10 years.

Many have not terrible sexualities: lack of orgasm, not good erections.

The perineum is a small muscle between the anus and the vagina in women and anus and burses in men. This small muscle has to support the about 30 kg that are in the trunk, so it can become weak. 

You’re peeing in the middle, you’ve spotted your perineum. If you reproduce these contractions 3 minutes a day, you train this muscle: on the female side more orgasm, less urinary leakage, and in men more stable erections and good control of ejaculation.


6. Avoid ingesting toxic substances

It is important to protect yourself from pesticides.

Are you eating an apple? Peel it, it’s 90% less pesticides.

Charred meat? Remove the burnt layer, 3 cm is like smoking 200 cigarettes.

Burnt meat
Burnt meat


7. Avoid medications as much as possible

As a doctor, Fréderic, he prescribes as little as possible.

For example, in our country, half of the constipated people take laxatives.

But there are simple steps you can do to avoid that, such as putting a small stool in the toilet. In fact the position on the throne is not at all physiological. It’s like a pipe full of water that can’t empty.

If you mount your legs on a small stool, you open your ano-rectal angle. This also helps to have a flat stomach


How to live healthy for longer


To conclude

There are deep down human beings, means of self-healing that are extremely powerful, it is enough to activate them to benefit from them, to protect themselves from many diseases and often cure them.

We have tremendous potential for self-repair that would allow us to live healthier for longer.

Following a pleasant and different way of life, it can be said that “any death before 120 years will be an untimely death”. 


I hope this reading has been helpful to you to know how to live healthy for longer.

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